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The rapid expansion of C to various platforms led to many variations that were similar but were often incompatible. This is serious problem for programmers who wanted to develop code that could runs on several platforms. This problem led to the realization of the need for a standard . This section lists the formulations of various C in the Chronological order :

Kernighan & Ritchie (K & R) C Standard

The first edition of "The C Programming Language" book by Brain Kernighan &Dennis Ritchie was published in 1978 .This books one of the most successful computer science books and has served as an informal standard for the C language for many years .This informal was know as 'K & R C'.

ANSI C/Standard C/C89 Standard

In 1983,a technical committee was created under the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) committee to establish a standard specification of C.In 1989,the standard proposed by the committee was formally approved and is often referred as ANSI C,Standard C or sometimes C89.

ISO C/C90 Standard

In 1990,the international Organizational Standardization (ISO) adopted the ANSI C Standard after mirror modifications . This versions of standard is called ISO C or sometimes C90.

C99 Standard 

After the adoption of the ANSI standard , the C language specification remains unchanged for sometime,whereas the language C++ continued to evolve . To accommodate this evolution of C++,a new standard of C language that corrected some details of  ANSI C standard and added more extensive  support to it was introduced in 1995 . The Standard was published in 1999 and is known as C99.The C99 standard has not been widely adopted and is not supported by many popular C  Compilers.

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